ProTops recommends: Check the tightness of the mounting clamps after the first week of operation; then again every 3 months. Clean the track on sliding windows and twist windows to remove any dirt. Application of a spray, dry silicone lubricant in the window track will allow for easy operation. Lock lever arms can be lubricated every 3 months with lithium grease or equivalent. Lock cylinders should be lubricated with a graphite-type, lock lubricant.

Washing, Waxing and Paint Care

Wait 90 days before first wash or wax! Based on the recommendation of our paint manufacturers, DO NOT wash or wax your new camper shell or tonneau cover within the first 90 days. Our paint supplier make this recommendation to allow their paint to fully cure and harden; they make the same recommendations for new vehicle paints. Because of our rapid delivery schedules, ProTops products are often delivered just days after they are painted. Waxing has the potential to damage the fresh paint until it has fully hardened. After 90 days, we suggest routine washing by hand with a mild car soap and soft rag or sponge. Apply a quality paste wax designed for automotive finishes twice a year. If you ever need to deep clean the surface due to oxidation, we suggest using products designed for fiberglass restoration, readily available at RV and marine outlets.

Additional care and maintenance tips

    Do not polish your cap or tonneau with a dry cloth. Always use water.     To prevent hard-water spots, use a cloth to dry the shell or cover after washing.     Do not use an ice scraper on the shell or the rear door glass. Brush off snow and ice.     Use touch-up paint to repair any nicks or scratches in the paint. Clear fingernail polish can be used as the clear coat touch-up. Wait until the repair is fully cured and use rubbing compound             and polish to regain the proper finish.     Use a good UV protection product on all vinyl, plastic and rubber components to extend their life. These products should not contain petro-chemicals, petroleum distillates or silicone oils.     Do not use any lubricants or solvent cleaners on the shafts of the gas props. If necessary, clean them with a clean, damp cloth. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTES   WARNING - SERIOUS or FATAL INJURY may occur from collision or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!   THIS PRODUCT IS NOT DESIGNED TO SERVE AS A PASSENGER COMPARTMENT!   DO NOT occupy pickup truck box while the engine is running or when the vehicle is moving!   State laws prohibit carrying passengers in the bed of a pickup truck.


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