Fiberglass Structural Warranty

Our fiberglass products have a limited warranty. The structure, materials and painted finish of your new ProTops Camper Shell or Tonneau Cover will be free from defects in material and workmanship for five(5) years. All other components (windows, doors, gas props, hardware, etc.) is warranted for one (1) year from the date of original purchase. (Please see product’s warranty card for details)

Multi-Stage Automotive Paint Warranty

We use some of the best multi-stage automotive paint in the industry manufactured by MATRIX Systems™. MATRIX is the best paint that we have ever used and is exclusively used by many of the TV Custom Car & Motorcycle builders/customizers. We provide a five (5) year limited warranty on all paint finishes. While we do everything possible for perfection, there is no guarantee of 100%color matching due to differences in color batches painted by the OEM truck manufacturers. (Please see our care and maintenance instructions)


 WARNING - SERIOUS or FATAL INJURY may occur from collision or occupants may suffer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!   THIS PRODUCT IS NOT DESIGNED TO SERVE AS A PASSENGER COMPARTMENT! DO NOT occupy pickup truck box while the engine is running or when the vehicle is       moving!   State laws prohibit carrying passengers in the bed of a pickup truck.   Always keep your Camper Shell door closed while driving your vehicle.   Always keep your ProTops Tonneau Cover closed and locked while driving.  All mounting  hardware  requires  regular  inspection  and  occasional tightening. If you detect any wear or corrosion on mounting hardware, contact your ProTops       dealer for factory replacement parts.   Please check all mounting hardware for tightness on a monthly basis.   This Camper Shell / Tonneau  Cover  is  weather resistant  but  not weatherproof. Please take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of any items of value.   This Camper Shell is not a “Roll Bar!” In case of an accident, it does not provide protection to the occupants in the vehicle.  If windows become hard to open or slide, clean and lubricate window channel with a good, spray dry lubricant.   Never transport the pickup truck, with a Tonneau Cover installed, with the rear of the truck facing forward on a flatbed or tow truck.   Make other family members and additional drivers aware of these warnings!   Protect yourself and others - ALWAYS buckle up!   PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY & NEVER EVER, TEXT & DRIVE! Optional Roof Rack Warnings   Do not load your factory installed roof rack in excess of the rated rack capacity.   Loads must be secured to be properly retained in all moving and stopping conditions.   Be careful when heavy loads are carried high as they can alter the center of gravity of your vehicle.   Do not exceed the rated load capacity of your vehicle.   If you have questions, contact your ProTops dealer.


Quality Camper Shells & Tonneau Covers
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